Mack & Schuhle Group

There are as many different ways to define success as there are to achieve it. The modern business world teaches the value of efficiency and specialization. The world of fine wines thrives on the strength of tradition and experience. The people at Mack & Schuhle have shown the world that success comes from recognizing and respecting both.

Holding a powerful share of the international wine distribution market, Mack & Schuhle represents excellence and experience in every stage of wine production. From vine to shelf, they maintain their edge through attention to detail at every stage of product development and distribution. It is through these economies of scale that they have created a vast network of cooperation and shared interest, leveraging specialized traditions with modern logistics and marketing.

Their parent company, the Mack & Schuhle Group, has been working with its partners since 1933 to create value for its customers and stakeholders by investing in companies and vineyards around the world. They work hand in hand with the families and workers at every step along the production and supply chain. Their extensive involvement and networking expertise is used to provide value and savings to their customers and partners around the globe.

Scale and Scope

Much of their strength lies in the diverse range of their products and their attention to specific market specialization. Wherever possible the Mack & Schuhle Group strengthens their ties to production by managing their own facilities and wineries. They create a strong economy of scale by bringing other wines they represent and sell into the Mack & Schuhle Group; becoming shareholders and partners in production, storage, and filling.

Their subsidiaries and partnerships help to focus the attention of personnel and customers alike by dividing up their products across regional and brand popularity divisions. Even where Mack & Schuhle AG is ranked #1 in German-speaking markets, their on-trade division, Weinwelt, is responsible for all of their sales and marketing to bars, restaurants and hotels within Germany. Their subsidiary, Bionisys, manages and oversees the distribution of their organic wine from across Europe and the world.

In Switzerland, Weinwelt Schweiz produces and distributes in collaboration with Caves Orsat, which itself was founded in Martigny in 1874 and cooperates closely with thousands of small regional vineyards. In the high windswept plain of Castilla-La Mancha in Spain, Bodegas Rasgón represents a joint venture to produce and market the distinctive wines characteristic of that region.

In 1991 Christoph Mack, CEO of Mack & Schuhle, partnered with Alfeo Martini and Roger Gabb to create a company dedicated to improving the tradition of Italian wines. The company is MGM and is now one of the fifteen top Italian wine exporters. Its three subsidiaries combine tradition with modern methods to create wines that are as distinctive as they are unique.


Poderi dal Nespoli is a company steeped in Romagna history and spans four generations of Italian winemakers. Cuvage winemakers create delicious sparkling wines by masterfully combining Cuvée and Pointage, using grapes native to the Piedmonte region. Finally, the wines of Barone Montalto carry with them the very heart of Sicilian history and tradition. This level of investment creates an unparalleled efficiency in guidance and direction, allowing Mack & Schuhle to provide quality wines matching each individual markets’ expectations.


From Vine to Table

In addition to their own vast portfolio, Mack & Schuhle provide and distribute wines and spirits from all major growing regions across the globe. They seamlessly combine their own store brands, producer brands, and individual consumer brands with those of producers from around the world to maximize their ability to meet customer demand.

Their distribution and sales include markets across the spectrum. Their customers include retail and specialty shops, but also a large portion of their products are made available to wholesalers and distributors. This allows their fine wines to reach more customers than by conventional marketing methods and focus. Their organic wines have vast popularity with the gastronomy sector, and their involvement in the hotel, restaurant, and café industries is staggering.

Here in the US, they take great pride in applying their ideals and powerful market value to the distribution of great wines throughout the United States. From the Rioja region of Spain, Bodegas produces their El Guardián Rioja Gran Reserva, receiving excellent reviews for its oak and vanilla notes with cherry and fruit tones. From the southern edge of Germany, the second largest wine region in the country gives us their Heinrich Vollmer Riesling, a full-bodied sweet off-dry Riesling with citrus sweetness and hints of earth tones and pollen.

While all of their wines do well in the US, their Italian wines are extremely popular. Barone Montalto produces both a Sicilia Pinot Grigio and a Terre Siciliane Nero d’Avola Cabernet Sauvignon that do exceptionally well here. Among organic wines, their Art Of Earth, Montelpulciano d’Abruzzo is second to none. But by far, one of the most popular trios sold right now are Mosketto’s Bianco, Rosso, and Delicate Sweet Pink moscatos. Refreshingly sweet and balanced, their relatively low alcohol content make them popular as a sparkling wine choice year round.

Professional, yet Personal

Creating and selling fine wines is an extremely difficult business. Modern economic concerns and political talking points can create ripples in the market that threaten to upset or even ruin some wineries. But out in the vineyards, where the men and women work for generations tending this careful craft that lies somewhere between art and science, it is imperative to remember the traditions and experience that make good wines great, and set great wines a place in history.

Mack & Schuhle knows that the only way to thrive in this world of constant change is to protect and nurture the families and lands that have defined greatness. With the careful skill of any great cultivator, they have drawn together the resources, knowledge, and skills necessary to do more than simply protect these traditions – they are bringing old wines to new markets.

They represent the perfect blend – full bodied and rich traditions, coupled with a distinctive sharp and aggressive business sense that lingers on the palate. I cannot recommend them enough. This company pairs well with any dish. Bene.