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Power through Precision

When discussing the great companies that make and distribute wines here in the United States, words like “heritage” and “legacy” are used, calling us back to ancient times and methods. But, legacy in this new business age often comes in the form of passing the reins of direction and management from one generation of a family to the next. Such is the case with Tri Vin Wines.

Modern business is often built on the premise of finding and controlling a niche market for as long as possible, while expanding into new arenas. This is an age of specialization. More so than ever before, the ability to leverage control over a given product or region creates an incredibly effective hold on the market and lends strength to the labels promoted within that brand. But this hasn’t always been the case.

In 1987 João Oliveira helped found Tri Vin Wines. At the time, it was a carefully calculated risk to specialize in importing wines from his homeland of Portugal to New York. It was a risk, however, that carried with it a rich reward.

Portuguese Wines

The history of wine making in Portugal goes back more than four thousand years. The region has been cultivated by Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, and Celts. Each culture and era has added new grape varieties to the region, each adding to the richness of the flavors and history of winemaking in Portugal.

Portuguese wines were traded throughout Europe for centuries, but they gained considerable appeal after diplomatic and economic relations with England were solidified in 1386. Moreover, due to their preferential status and lower tariffs, fully two-thirds of all wine being imported into England by the early 1700’s came from Portugal. Fortified wines, such as Port and Madeira became increasingly popular throughout the British Empire, in particular amongst the American colonies. This love of Portuguese wines continues in America to this day.

Years of economic and political upheaval disrupted the flow of wine from Portugal to the rest of the world. But in 1986, with their admission to the European Union, renewed interest and availability in smaller vineyards and producers grew quickly. Seizing this opportunity, Tri Vin Wines brought these rich and excellent wines to a broader American audience.

The New Guard

It should be made clear, however, that Tri Vin Wines does not discriminate. Indeed, their goal and aim is to discover and promote high-quality wines from all across the globe, bringing them to a larger audience and enriching the industry with their diversity. They use innovative marketing to create strong bonds with independent wine producers, bringing unique products to market in a way that few other importers are capable of. Their strong roots in Portugal have helped them to develop ties in the industry over the last three decades that are almost unmatched.

Marc Oliveira, is the second generation director of Tri Vin Wines, coordinating national sales efforts throughout the United States. He carries with him a degree in Viticulture and Enology from California State University, Fresno. Under his direction, Tri Vin Wines has expanded its reach considerably in the past six years. He was invited to present at the 2015 Wine & Spirits Guild of America Business Sessions in Santa Barbara to colleagues and industry professionals from around the country.

Notably, Marc has been closely involved with ANIVIN, an organization that allows winemakers to source the best crops from throughout France and to use the label “Vin de France” when bringing them to market. This frees these producers from the stringent guidelines imposed by the AOC (Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée) and PGI (Protected Geographic Indication) controls – labels that often can be complicated and confusing to the growing wine market. Millennials especially have responded well to this label, as it creates an immediate sense of place and understanding of where the product has come from.

Wines From Around The World

While specialized and focused on promoting their homeland’s independent wine producers, Tri Vin Wines has allowed them to sponsor wineries and producers from around the world, bringing these new products to new markets and audiences in an exciting and dramatic way.

Representing the great wine producing regions of the world, Tri Vin offers Malbec and Cabernet from Mendoza, Argentina with their Bodega de Toneles label. From the Rhone Valley of France, Tri-Vin offers their delicious Les Allies Côtes du Rhône. From Spain, they bring their Bodegas San Alejandro, Las Rocas Garnacha Vinas Viejas from Aragón; the Bodegas Torre Oria, with their 80 Years Old Vines from Valencia; and the sumptuous Ego Bodegas, Marionette from Murcia.

In every possible way, the family run business of Tri Vin Wines has illustrated the fine example of a modern legacy. They draw from their roots and rely upon the forward thinking of their future to ensure that their rich heritage continues into perpetuity. The wine world can continue to expect great things from this company as they move confidently into the future of the wine industry.